A Message from the President

Asalaamu Alykum, 

    Pak-American Community Association of New Jersey (PACA-NJ) is an organization that was formed in 2009 in Carteret, NJ.  The organization was formed to help citizens of Pakistani origin integrate with the political system in United States of America.  We seek to empower our citizens through education and promoting community involvement; we make them aware of their rights and responsibilities.  In doing so we hope to achieve a greater equality for all citizens.

    PACA-NJ, since its foundation, has worked with the citizens to deliver on it's promises.  We have organized events to bring the whole community together regularly.  The ideas for most of our events were contributed by the people who perceived that a need exists for such events.  This philosophy, to have the voice of our citizens incorporated into all that we do, is the very essence of how we go about planing all of our activities.  All the officers of our organization not only appreciate all feedback, but also work aggressively to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with expressing their points of view without any fear or hesitation.

    In order to continue with the spirit of progress through cooperation, I would like to remind you that we, as an organization and as a community, cannot reach our full potential until we have the involvement and support each and every person.  Therefore, I would like to extend an opportunity to everyone to contact me directly if they have any issues, feedback or criticisms.  You can contact me by e-mailing: President@pacanj.org or you can call/text me on my cell phone (848) 468-7968.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Sultan M. Babar
President, PACA-NJ